Elwood Mead and the Economics of the Colossal ~An Audio Interview Via Foodweb Stories

This Post comes from http://www.foodwebstories.com, foodweb stories works to collect stories regarding foodweb degredation and regeneration with the hopes that these stories of our past and present  relationship with the planet can be observed and learned from so as to have a future relationship with the earth In this podcast you will hear Mark Hall-Patton. […]

What to do of Salinity…Awareness of Water

Here is a report on Salinity of ground water, too much salt in ground water spells pollution. On the foodweb stories tour there was constantly the reminder of too much salt in the waters as it reached the borders of Mexico. This report was published in the Journal of Natural Resources and Development Abstract:Nowadays, saline […]

Originally posted on Suffield Academy Environmental Science:
“Grizzle holds up a glistening mollusk. He is standing waist-deep in the murky estuary littered with old tires, bottles, shopping carts and rank debris. A gun was once found.” Mollusks are growing good and healthy in highly polluted water ways all throughout New York. Not only are they capable…