Bioremediation Interviewed: Audio and Text Interviews with Local Bioremediators

This blog site is intended to connect and educate about the world of bioremediation. Using all forms of technologies so long as they are humane and environmentally friendly. There are so many wonderful biosyntropy and bioremediation advocates out there I figure it would be great to interview them. So be sure to check back in for Audio Files and Transcribed goodies. The people interviewed just might inspire you to remediate or they could possibly help you to remediate your environment.


Coming Up:



I interviewed a few members of Dig Cooperative, a design/build firm of the area. Over the years dig coop members have advocated and installed the first permitted greywater system of Berkeley for the Eco house a project of the Ecology Center. Dig works with residential and commercial clients. This interview is worth reading as you will find their answers come from a deep sincere place with a love for what they do.




Awesome interview with Andrea Hurd founder of Mariposa Gardening and Design. Eco friendly living systems designer who has worked with the likes of John Todd and John Greenlee, a man known in the landscaping design world for designing and implementing meadows all over the world. Andrea’s interview is an amazing testament to over 20 years of working to remediate land, regenerate butterfly habitats, and work in her own capacity with living water systems.




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