Never Underestimate the Power of an Oyster

Suffield Academy Environmental Science

“Grizzle holds up a glistening mollusk. He is standing waist-deep in the murky estuary littered with old tires, bottles, shopping carts and rank debris. A gun was once found.” Mollusks are growing good and healthy in highly polluted water ways all throughout New York. Not only are they capable of sustaining life in the disgusting waters, they are able to take in the toxins and pollutants as part of the feeding process, filtering the water and cleaning it in a completely healthy, environmentally friendly way. Seven years ago oyster restoration began in the Bronx and has been thriving ever since, the people spearheading the project hope to get hundreds of acres of “oyster farms” within the next decade. The pollution in New York water’s is horrific, however oysters are capable of cleaning them without doing any more harm to the environment.  There is no better plan then to invest in…

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